An image featuring Chris Bagnall of CPI and Codey Drame of Birmingham City

Certified Pro Installs Associate Partners with BCFC!

Absolutely thrilled to continue our partnership as associate partners at Birmingham City FC! 🤝⚽

It’s an incredibly exciting time for the club and the entire city, and we’re proud to be part of this ongoing journey. 🌟
With today’s exciting news of Wayne Rooney becoming the team manager, the future is looking even brighter! ⚽💡
We were fortunate enough to present Cody Drameh with the Man of the Match trophy last Friday for his outstanding performance in our win against WBA. 🏆 Cody’s dedication and skill on the field embody the spirit of our partnership.

As we look ahead, we’re inspired by the ambitious vision of Tom Wagner and the board for the club. Their drive and determination perfectly align with our commitment to excellence. This synergy motivates us to continue delivering top-notch electrical solutions for our valued clients.

Certified Pro Installs Associate Partners with BCFC!

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