• 2012

    Certified Professional Installations

  • 2017

    Cerified Pro Installs


  • Present Day

    CPI Limited

A Decade of Excellence: Certified Pro Installs’ Journey

In 2012, Certified Professional Installations emerged with a singular vision – every installation should meet the highest professional standards and carry the necessary certifications. Initially, our focus was primarily on power and communications solutions.

Fast forward to 2014, and we underwent a transformative evolution into Certified Pro Installs. With this transformation came an expanded team, bringing fresh skills and services to accommodate our rapidly growing client base. Our unwavering commitment to professionalism and certification persisted throughout.

Our journey has led us to prestigious accreditations, including ISO9001, Prince2 Project management, BAFSA Association membership, and NAPIT electrical accreditation. Notably, we’ve achieved third-party certification with BAFE SP203 All Modules and SP101.

These accreditations signify our dedication to delivering excellence. They underscore our commitment to providing top-notch services to our clients, a journey that’s defined our last decade.”

Our Evolution: Delivering Excellence in Electrical Services

“Striving for Excellence: Our Journey and Services”

At Certified Pro Installs, we’re dedicated to delivering top-notch services. Every new service we introduce undergoes rigorous certification to meet the highest standards.

Putting Clients First

Our clients have always been our top priority. To cater to their needs, we’ve evolved into a comprehensive solution for planned maintenance compliance. This includes electrical and fire services, as well as portable extinguisher service and sprinkler maintenance.

The Transformation

In 2020, we completed our evolution. We went from a company with a long name and limited services to a more concise name with a wide range of offerings. Our mission remains unwavering – providing our clients with the best.”

A company that began with a very long name and a very short list of services goes full circle. A very small name with an expansive list of services available to our clients.

At the Heart of the Midlands: Your Trusted Electrical Services Provider

At Certified Pro Installs, we operate from our Midlands office, housing an exceptional team of directly employed engineers. We cover projects spanning the entire UK and Ireland.

What sets us apart is our commitment to direct employment. Unlike call centers or help desks, you’ll always speak to our dedicated team – no strangers involved.

We boast a vast network of accredited contractors across the UK, enhancing our reach. However, our direct employment model is what truly distinguishes us.

Our customer-centric approach is unmatched. Our industry-leading staff delivers unparalleled service, and our impressive statistics affirm our commitment to excellence.