Are you ready to contribute to the advancement of transportation’s future? The global rise of electric vehicles (EVs) is undeniable, and Birmingham is actively embracing this trend. As Certified Pro Installs, we recognize the increasing demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, highlighting the crucial importance of installing EV chargers. So, why should you consider this endeavor?

Beyond the environmental advantages, the installation of EV chargers in Birmingham, with the expertise of Certified Pro Installs, yields a multitude of benefits. It not only enhances the city’s appeal to visitors and businesses but also aligns with government initiatives promoting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Let’s delve into Birmingham’s commitment to a more sustainable future and explore the compelling reasons why installing EV chargers, with the professional touch of Certified Pro Installs, stands as a strategic decision for both individuals and businesses in the Midlands region of the UK.

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Electrical Vehicle Charger Installation

How to claim the benefits?

Elevate your city’s appeal and sustainability with our strategic EV charger installations in the Midlands, UK. Transitioning smoothly into the claiming process, our electricians at CPI, are dedicated to ensuring a hassle-free experience. Following a thorough inspection, we meticulously gather the necessary details, facilitating the seamless access of funds from OZEV, guaranteeing that your only bill is the outstanding amount. As the official installers of EV charging ports in the UK, seize this opportunity to future-proof your home. Opt for CPI and experience a smooth, efficient process from start to finish.

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